Controversial Monument to German Unification

Berlin has announced plans for a new monument to German unification to be built in East Berlin.  Titled “Citizens in Motion,” the planned monument would take the form of a 180-foot long seesawing disk that would rock back and forth as visitors moved across it.  The moving monument could accommodate as many as 1,400 people, with around 20 needed to launch the swaying action.

According to the designers, choreographer Sasha Waltz and architectural firm Milla and Parter, the monument will symbolize the role of individuals in shaping their community.  But what if the creative experiment goes awry, as some are predicting?  Uwe Hameyer, director of the Berlin Association of Architects and Engineers has argued that crowding around the monument could cause confusion and panic.  Frankfurt’s Allgemeine Zeitung suggested that restricting tourists’ access to the monument would recall not unification but East German repression.

Is the design a stroke of genius?  Innovative and groundbreaking?  Or misguided and potentially dangerous?


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One response to “Controversial Monument to German Unification

  1. Bonnie Walker

    Sounds like it would be awesome fun to walk on! I do see the potential for injury though… They’d have to take precautions for sure. I’ll be interested to see if they actually build it!

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